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    • Please arrive between 5 - 15 minutes before the class start-time to ensure your spot in class. We're also big fans of a chilled ambiance + love to see you enjoy a tea before getting on the mat. 
    • Did you reserve your spot online prior to class? If not, please do so to guarantee your spot. 
    • Wanna Walk-in? If you have existing class credits or a studio membership, you can also try to grab one of our Walk-In spots we reserve in each class {with the exception of our Baby + Me classes}. We can't guarantee a spot but we'll always do our best. More info on Walkin' in here {Please note: Walk-in spaces do not apply to OneFit students who still need to sign up online 15 minute before the start of each class}
    • Mats & Props are all provided, however, bringing your own mat + towel to place on top is a great initiative for sweaty pursuits. 
    • Wanting to take your water into class? Please bring a water bottle so that we don't have glasses flying around. Spill something? Please clean it up for your 191 mates, who plan to stay on their feet. 
    • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Whether it's an old pair of PJs or lululemon's latest pants, we're happy if you are. Show up in something you can enjoy your practice in. 
    • If you're attending a Meditation class, Yin Yoga or any other relaxation practice, we advise you to bring some cosy socks + a jumper into class. 
    • Please leave valuable + sentimental items at home if you're worried about their safety. Need to bring something to class? We provide a few lockers for your keys, crown jewels, etc. Technological items (or anything that beeps + pings) cannot enter the practice room. 
    • We're a modern bunch - even our yoga teachers won't throw dirty looks at your iPhones. In fact, we encourage you to take pics of the updates + info that you'll see on our walls as we're big fans of preserving trees, one flyer at a time. What we ask is that phones are on silent when you enter the studio + not brought into the practice room.


    • To maintain the peace, we silence the doorbell during class times.
    • Please remove high-heeled shoes before entering the lounge. 
    • We have a communal changing room + within it you will find 2 private changing spaces. Our main doors will be locked during class to keep the space safe. 
    • Please leave phones in the changing room + on silent. 
    • Help yourself to teas + infused waters but please don't take the glasses into the practice room. 
    • We're into saving paper here - so you won't find a ton of brochures + flyers to take away. Instead, whip out that phone (on silence, of course) and take pics of our walls. 
    • Talking about saving paper, we're also into recycling plastic, paper & glass  - you'll see different recycling bins in the studio for that. 
    • Please make yourself at home + feel comfortable to explore our green kitchen + book collection. Take some mint from one of the nearby plants + try a tea using the local honey. 


    • Grab yourself a mat + some props (spot the board on your way into the studio? This tells you everything you'll need.)  
    • As teachers, we came together based on our passion for people. The chances are that we have already met, laughed + chatted together. However, if you managed to sneak into the practice room, please do say hi before the class begins. We're all about you & it's handy to know your motivations and any history of illness or injury. Speak up, peeps. 
    • Be yourself + acknowledge others. Do you need time to sit, lay, stretch, close your eyes, be upside down? Go for it. Or perhaps you spotted a friend on another mat who looks keen for a cuddle? We share our space with each other and as long as we are respectful and aware of those around us, we can wash away the rules within the practice room and be ourselves - with one another. Even if you're class isn't yoga, the yogic perspective of internal and external compassion and awareness can be applied in all aspects of our lives. Come to practice as yourself, with yourself + extend your good vibes to others. 
    • At the end of class, you will find our lavender + tea tree mat spray alongside some cotton hand towels. Please clean your mat well + fold the hand towel, placing it back in the basket for the next class. We re-use these towels throughout the day to reduce the use of paper + washing. 
    • Please place all props and blankets away with care for the next bunch of students. 


    • If you are pregnant, have a severe and/or recent injury health concern, please consult your doctor before practicing. 
    • If you are pregnant, have an injury or health concern and yoga or other movement-based activities have been recommended by your doctor, please do let your teacher know before the start of our practice. We will do our best to recommend alternative exercises when relevant, or ask you to skip certain exercises. 
    • Listen to your body before class. If you are feeling stressed, your practice may help you. However, if you are feeling seriously unwell please choose to rest. 
    • Listen to your body during class. We are often working with our comfort zones in yoga + movement - trying to go a little bit deeper, a little bit further. However, if you feel any pain in the exercises, please return to a comfortable position. 
    • We are not doctors. Our advice is given with good intention, yet without medical expertise. If you ask us for advise regarding your health, we might have some awesome suggestions; however, please always see your doctor for anything concerning your medical, emotional or psychological wellbeing. 


    Lose Something? Leave It Behind? Studio 191 has a Lost Property Box where we safely place all items. To reclaim your treasure, please visit us during class {opening} hours.


    We are always open to new team members. Tell us about yourself, your goals and your practice + we'll be in touch with you right away. Please note that all our classes are taught in English + therefore we ask for your application in English too. Shoot an email to Natasha at: natasha@studio191.nl


    Are you interested in holding your workshop, event, launch, meeting, lecture, presentation, dance practice, etc. at Studio 191? We have everything in place to assist you. Shoot your email to Natasha at: natasha@studio191.nl

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