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Ayurvedic Insights:

Knowing the Energies of Vegetables

with Bunty Martin

Everyone of the holistic healing processes work on the concept of energy. According to physics, even solid things are nothing but energy. If you read or watch the movie of The Secret, you will understand the entire universe is nothing but energy.

Bearing that in mind, here is some practical information regarding the energy of vegetables. We all make recipes and often mix ingredients together without any fixed protocols. We just try and see how it goes, and it usually goes well.

Ayurveda obviously does not only emphasize on the taste of a dish but also how successful it is in its purpose. The purpose is to provide you with positive energy that helps us to carry on throughout the day.

"Is your food giving you the energy you need?"

Is your food giving you the energy that you need? How do you feel after taking a meal? For once, just move your attention from the tongue and try to catch up on how you feel otherwise. Motivated or dull? Enthusiastic or lethargic? That is something to ponder on.

In the image above, the peas + kale would have positive energy, however, the radish + beets

would be classes as having negative energy (read on to find out how to neutralise the energies)

The ruling goes as follows. All vegetables that grow above the ground carry positive energy. All vegetables that grow below the ground carry neutral energy. There are certain exceptions to this. Eggplant and mushrooms carry negative energy in spite of growing above the ground. Tomato is another exception that carries neutral energy. Onion and garlic are two other vegetables that are known to have negative energies.

Now, it is not that we need to give up all those with negative energies but we can mix them accordingly. For example, adding an onion to lot of green vegetables is better than adding it to potato (which is neutral). We can keep this information in mind while mixing ingredients.

Happy cooking!

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