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5 Minutes with Mandy Lathan: Yoga Teacher +  Yoga Teacher Trainer 

We spent 5 minutes with our 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program lead teacher, Mandy Lathan, getting the juice...

Meet Mandy...

Mandy Lathan is a certified yoga teacher, having studied under teachers and institutes such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Cori Martinez, and Corepower Yoga. Mandy was a university professor, professional dancer, director, and choreographer of a dance company in the US for several years and simultaneously owned a yoga studio. She has led yoga retreats, workshops, and teacher training programs around the world and is a published author. In 2013, she moved to Europe with a focus on the intellectual athleticism of the practice. Now, in addition to leading yoga teacher training courses, Mandy studies Psychology in London. ​

5 minutes with Mandy...

What was the most profound experience you had on the mat? Where were you and when was it?

I remember sitting on my yoga mat every day, 90 minutes for three months, meditating while I was using visualisation for manifestation. (Wow, that sentence was a mouthful). I had set a very clear intention of something I wanted to make happen, though it was obvious it was going to be extremely difficult. Initially, I had moments (okay, hours) of feeling defeated and that this intention would never come to fruition. Over the hours and months though, I began to believe and feel that it would indeed happen. The most profound moment was when I sat on my mat, knowing this intention would be manifested, but also feeling completely content if not. I felt absolute peace regardless of the outcome. (And yeah, it manifested in the end!)

How to you start your day? What is your morning ritual?

The birds begin to chirp, the sun shines down upon my face, I'm smiling, a healthy breakfast is delivered to me in bed...and then I wake up. My alarm goes off around 7:00, I make funny wake-up noises, I stretch my arms over my head and to the sides, I crack my hips, and dive into my slippers. I do oil-pulling for 15 minutes while I make some tea and listen to a podcast. I then plan my day and get more movement in my body. A full meditation and asana practice would happen later in the day, though I consider the morning to be a preparation of sorts for those aspects of practice.

How do you like to spend your personal "You" time/free time?

There are several ways I like to spend personal time. I often like to go to a cafe to read and/or write for instance. I also love to go to the theatre or the ballet and have a good discussion about it afterwards. If the weather is bearable, I get excited to explore a new place, potter around a village, and walk through parks.

Where would you like to go the next time you travel + why?

Does it count that next time I travel, I'd like for it to be home to New York? Although it wouldn't be a proper holiday, it would warm my soul to be surrounded by my wonderful family. I always feel like a kid again when I go back to my family home. It recharges those batteries that reside in the core: a sense of unconditional love and security. Ah, yes, I shall visit home soon.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

   While flying, invisibility, and indestructibility are incredibly enticing super powers to possess, I think I would like to be able to remember every bit of information that has ever come my way. I would appreciate something similar to Sherlock's "mind palace" without the underdeveloped emotional intelligence and social graces.

Join Mandy for her 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program starting this Autumn 2016 at Studio 191 Amsterdam. For more information on the program, as well as the early bird special price, please visit:

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