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5 Minutes with Iris van Opstal: Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist + Management Consultant

We spend 5 minutes with Iris as she prepares to join the teaching team for the Studio 191 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (2oo hours) with Mandy Lathan this Autumn...

Meet Iris van Opstal...

​Iris is an international management consultant and yoga teacher inspired by the great value that Yoga and Ayurveda may bring to society and the business environment. 

After working for almost two decades as a marketing director for multinational companies, she now runs her own agency, combining her skills as business coach, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic massage therapist and marketing consultant. She successfully completed the Ayurvedic Massage program of the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies in Amsterdam, the 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training of Live the Practice and the 200 hour Yin Yoga teacher training of Yoga Garden. 

Iris strongly believes in the trinity of mind, body and soul and with that in mind, she helps businesses transform their brands, teaches at Universities, is a personal as well as management coach and yoga teacher.

5 minutes with Iris...

How do you recharge your energy after a long practice/session teaching?
My favorite way to recharge after an intensive practice or teaching session is with a huge smoothie of fresh seasonal fruit on a sunny terrace. If the sun has other plans for that moment, a hot bath with candle light and harmonious music is a perfect alternative!

If you could share one piece of wisdom with a yoga newbie... what would it be?
The power of the breath is endless….

Which yoga book would you recommend every beginner to read?
Darren Main’s Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic is such an enlightening book. Easy to read and with a lovely sense of humor, Darren Main gives a great first insight into what yoga is all about from a western perspective.

We know you shouldn't have a favourite asana but come on, we all have at least one fav... what's yours?
Oohh, my favorite asana is Firefly, I love that pose! That combination of strength and lightness at the same time, lifting yourself up to fly, that always gives me a boost, not just during practice, in life as well.

Where would you like to go the next time you travel + why?
Exploring the world is such a great privilege, I count myself lucky having been able to travel quite a bit. And although there are still many more new places to visit, I would love to go back to Sri Lanka, it is such a gem. Stunning nature, warm, gentle people and an absolute Ayurvedic paradise.

Join Iris for the Studio 191 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program starting this Autumn 2016 at Studio 191 Amsterdam. For more information on the program, as well as the early bird special price, please visit:

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